Halau Holiday Party, December 2016
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Halau Holiday Party, December 2016
musicians, Wainehe and Peter
Kalaulupe, Tiare and Kalolina share a
laugh before going on stage
Puali'i gets serious in E Pele
Mele in Kalena Kai
Kalaulupe using the 'uli'uli
hmmm....must be getting ready to
draw another raffle winner!
Kalolina in Kona Hema o Kalani
Loke in Ula Noweo
Kumu opening halau gift

Peter and Vanessa's wedding party, October 23
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the newlyweds, Peter & Vanessa
Kalena with the newlyweds
Peter and Vanessa greeting guests
Crying Time 1
Crying Time 2
Kalena with Anita and Rod
Kalena performing Hawai'ian Wedding Song
Nala'au, Kalolina & Mele in 'Kalena Kai'
Kalena Kai
Puali'i, Naunau & 'Opio in 'Rhythm of the Rain'
Kalolina & Mele, 'Papio'
Lahopipi & Tiare in 'Twisty na Mama'
Pauli'i, Naunau & 'Opio in Song of Old Hawai'i
Vanessa joins us in 'Twisty'
oh! oh! Peter's doing 'Twisty' too!

Mayday Festival 2017
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'Opio & Puali'i -Vahine Anamite

Aloha Festival 2016
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Prepping for Aloha Festival
Prepping for Aloha Festival 2
Sil Castillo and the Merry Music Makers
Kekako and beginner wahine in 'Ainahau'
Vai'iti, 'Opio & Pohaku in 'Ainahau'
Kalolina and Kalaulupe in 'Sanoe'
Lahopipi in 'Sanoe'
Kalolina and Alapa'i in 'Anapau'
Kekako in Lei no 'Lili'uokalani'
beginner wahine in Lei no 'Lili'uokalani'
Kamaka'i'ini in 'Kawika'
advanced wahine in 'Kona Hema 'o Kalani'
Nala'au in 'Kona Hema 'o Kalani
Loke in 'Kona Hema 'o Kalani'
He'eia with ipu

Barcelona, 2016
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Stopover with alligator in Miami
Competition poster
Getting for 'olapa set
Loke in Hana Chant
Puali'i in Hana Chant
Na'aumoa'ole in Hana Chant
Mele in Ula Noweo
Kai in Ula Noweo
Loke in Ula Noweo
Nau'aumoa'ole in Ula Noweo
Lahopipi in Ula Noweo
Lahopipi in Ho'i e
Puali'i in Ho'i e
Nala'au, Mele and Na'aumoa'ole in Hawai'ian War Chant
Puali'i, Loke, Lahopipi in Hawai'ian War Chant
Puali'i in Hawai'ian War Chant
Tiare in Hawai'ian War Chant
Nala'au in Hawai'ian War Chant
Mele in Hawai'ian War Chant
Mele in Noho Paipai
Kai in Noho Paipai
Mele & Kai in the rocking chair in Noho Paipai
Kai, the rooster
Kai getting in touch with his inner ballerino with the Irish Dance Academy
with Gravina in Danza (Italian group)
Puali'i in Hana Chant
Ka Leo o ka Moa with Kalaulupe
Ka Leo o ka Moa with Loke
Ka Leo - with Na'aumoa'ole
Ka Leo - with Lahopipi
Tiare - Kua 'Iti te Marama
Kalaulupe in Kua 'Iti te Marama
The rooster with the 'hens'
The rooster with the 'hens' - with Puali'i
Pa'ea - Kai and Na'aumoa'ole
finale - Arata'i - Kai
finale - Arata'i - Nala'au
finale - Arata'i - Puali'i
trophy table - will we get one?
Kalena accepts trophy for 1st place, ethnic dance
Accepting trophy for best costuming
Yes, we did get in some sightseeing - at Sagrada Familia
With our trophies after the competition
Back at the hotel celebrating our wins and Naunau's 18th birthday

Ho'ike Feb. 29, 2016, Veterans' Hall, Albany
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floor decorations
Hi'ilani and Kiona at halau merchandise table
Moana at the raffle table
Our musicians, Haopinaka
ready for first set of dances, 'olapa
Ed caught in the act
Kenji playing pu in opening
Hana Chant entrance
Hana Chant
Kalena Kai
Puali'i, Vai'iti, Kekika & Kekako enter with Winds of Joy
Kalolina in 'Ula Noweo'
Kumu accompanying 'olapa'
Puali'i in Hana Chant
Puali'i exiting Oli Ho'i
Alapa'i and Kalolina gettin' frisky in 'Anapau'
Kalolina, Alapa'i & Mele in 'Anapau
Kalolina, Kai, Nala'au in "Ka leo o ka Moa"
Nala'au in 'Alekoki'
Wioleka having a great time in 'Alekoki'
Kai ('the rooster') in Ka Leo o ka Moa
The rooster with all the hens, Ka Leo o ka Moa
Beginner wahine
Song of Old Hawai'i
Wioleka, Kalolina & Lahopipi in 'Ka Loke
Lahopipi, Loke & Nala'au on 'Ka Loke
Ka Loke
Wioleka, Kalolina & Lahopipi - Ka Loke
Oe Ana
Oe Ana
Twisty na Mama
Kekika - Twisty na Mama
Ku - Twisty na Mama
Loke - Twisty na Mama
Tiare - Twisty na Mama
Wioleka - Twisty na Mama
Kalolina - Kua 'Iti te marama
Mele - Kua 'Iti te Marama
Kalolina, Mele & Puali'i in Kua 'Iti te Marama
Maori - 'Nga Waka
Loke and Nala'au - Nga Waka
Ko au he Manu
poi - Kalaulupe
poi - Kalolina
poi - Lahopipi
poi - Loke
poi - Mele
poi - Tiare
poi - Nala'au
Kirahu e
Kekako - Kirahu e
Kekika - Papio
Kai & Naunau
Kai & Naunau in 'Pa'ea'
Alapa'i - ready for Arata'i
Alapa'i and Kai lead Arata'i
Vahine Tahiti
Lahopipi - Vahine Tahiti
Nala'au and Kalolina end Vahine Tahiti
Advanced wahine in Tahitian costumes
Kumu ends with E Huli Makou

Prepping for Ho'ike
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Advanced wahine - 'Ka Loke
Advanced wahine "Alekoki"
Beginner wahine
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